Whatever gender it may be don’t objectify a person by their character or words. Because it’s an article of making conversion of negative to positive. Our life is very small, we have to fulfill our dreams and our soul. Satisfying our soul is not that easy. Soul is our depth of feelings. We can’t judge our feelings, because feelings are mirror images of our negative and positive thoughts.
Thoughts never change but it shows different variations of ourselves. We can’t divert our topic from this. So, it’s going to be renewed with the mix of negative and positive.
World is becoming moderated and developing complications. Complications are nothing but inventions. “More inventions, more stress”. More stress releavers take many divertions instead of counseling. Like alcohol, smoke and sunny Leone.
But when this line objectifying a women with different kind of negative thought. Why negative?? Why not positive about sunny Leone?? She is leading her life more better than us. Here I’m not objectifying you, I’m just comparing! She is leading her life with very planned and scheduled manner. She is earning money as per her profession and spending in a good manner. Here we can observe she is converting negative to positive way.
In my opinion there is no negative and positive. It’s about the matter of thinking and making of web in our brains. We born with nothing and we die with nothing. Make your thoughts innovative by converting negative to positive. Because we are not special in this world. We are just a flesh of a blood and muscles.
If you become a Rockstar, you may have fans but you can’t read your life very happy. But for the world of innocent people you looks like a happiest person.
After analysing many things even scientists are not able to identify for what we are living! And at the end what we are earning.
We earn money, we earn thing but at last they earns you. We can’t earn million hearts of love and affection. Love is not a definition. But it is something that a person can feel. Feel the life!…
Get prepared for your death to earn millions of love and affection. Don’t objectify..
Just understand what you are for here! It’s a war zone, it’s a fight club!..
Bang…. Bang…


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