Trust yourself!!

Trust me! you are alone all the time…

Do you think that you are with someone?

Never ever think like that…

1-The neighbors may observe you, 

2-The love may strengthen you,

3-The sex may satisfy orgsm,

4-The friends may help you, 

I think this is better option because you get more suggestions but trust few and avoid more.

Sometimes relations squeezes you from truth and masks you with false.

Don’t fake yourself by reading some holy books, try to read the world, try to be with the world.

It may not be happen now, but it happens.

I just pointing about relations that ends with hai and bye. Not particularly about friends.

Even the man who never seen you before, even he greets you. 

I’m not speaking about like this relations.

I don’t want to divert from the topic but surely it’s about you. That you are with yourself.

*You need someone when you are feeling bad.

*You need someone when you are alone.

#You need someone when you are feeling bored.

#You need someone when you need help.

But it’s totally different!!

You are with yourself then why do you need someone else.

But someone comes to you and be in yourself and beliefs you and makes you proud of yourself and makes them to make themselves.

That’s the great thing happens when someone really loves you.

It may be boring but it happens for everyone at some point in there lifes.


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