God never says!!

Don’t submit any application to God in the temple.

Don’t ask him anything, he is just a treasure of peace.

God never said that I’m so and so. Human created the limits of God and separated everyone.

If you think that I can, defenaitly you can. If you think I can’t defenaitly you can’t, speak to yourself, and come to a decision.

A pure decision makes you feel better, if you doesn’t know yourself take some time and have some water and think of it, surely you may get solution for a problem. 

But don’t be fool by sitting idle and leaving every decision on God. 

We don’t know how God appears. And it’s not needed to assume. Those are just stories to maintain your good lifestyle. 

Even Lord Shiva smokes, no books or stories have clarity why Lord Shiva smokes.

Common guys, he is also a kind of human who has so many problems, but he has some powers. He can’t make any magics to solve his problems. Stress makes to smoke, smoke makes to think beyond the point. But everything should be in the limit.

Don’t be fool

And don’t irritate God

Irritate and imitate the people to see your success.

At the point of saturation you will get an answer. It may be your last breath also, who knows it.


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