Farmer makes Foodies 

Are you a foodie?

Do you like to eat different different dishes?

Want to explore the taste?

Before going to explore the taste we all should know that we are enjoying the taste of farmers sweat and hard work, rather than dishes.

Before tasting any dish we should thank farmer rather than god.

Because he knows how to utilize the gift of God.

But we people are enjoying the taste if you are saturated with that just we don’t think of anything and water the food.

But so many farmers still they fill there stomach with water.

To make farmers proud the students of SRI VISHNU COLLEGE OF PHARMACY  from ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA took one step to prevent the food wastage.

I really thank the students who are still working for it.

Frankly speaking these students has so much of wide knowledge to prevent food wastage.

These students gave one Sanskrit name for  it by analysing the scenario in INDIA.

The name of this helping hand is AKSHUDHYA.

Encourage them and support them 

And thank you farmers for bearing whole world.

When world understands your hard work. Definitely there will not be a names called food wastage and hunger

Watch the documentary of AKSHUDHYA and it may help the poor and farmers hardwork. 

Jai Hindh

And proud of my earth.


Helping hands “members of AKSHUDHYA

Founder: P. Rajitha (, bsc psychology)


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