Oh god!! Let’s pray 

Pray yourself.

Don’t pray god for your needs.

He is not a servent he is just a strength.

Strength gives you confidence, but not the needs.

You need yourself for getting succeed. He is not the person who gives you all the needs, you have to earn them by your own.

God may have different names. It’s because of our segregations. 

God is the name of power and strength it’s not based on cast and religion.

Purpose of praying is to get confidence On yourself. 

If have that much power to get the needs own yourself, try yourself, and pray yourself.

No power is going to help you in this universe.

If you don’t have the dare to be on this earth just you are like a dead body on the earth that roaming around the people and disturbing other lives.

Get Inspired, give motivation, and pray to yourself.


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