Be careful!!!!

Before concluding this word I wanted to share some words that comes from every human so just be patience for a while and just read it. It may be something related but I can’t assure that it may apt you. Sorry for irritating but just go through it. It may reach your brain.

Careful?? Oh shit why I have to be careful, I’m unlimited of knowledge and power. I can do anything. I don’t want to listen anyone untilunless I feel it. #its called overconfidence# 

Careful! Oh really is it the word which makes me to understand clearly?? #its called thinking about yourself. But you never get a solution from it, still you are a frog in the well#

Careful!! Yeah, I take care of myself because I think overtime about myself but what’s the use of it. I want to realize from careless works which I have done. I want to learn a lesson from it. But I don’t want to earn by learning. I want to learn by earning. #these kind of people are very rare in this world, but you may get so many stabbens because of your truthful nature. Go on untilunless you reach your satisfaction#

I think you reached my point why I wanted to point out these wordings! Because it’s very difficult to be careful. 

You may take care about yourself but at any cost you become prone to some irritating situations, in that second you can’t think about yourself, you just spit some words that makes others to get hurt. But it gives you realisation about that situation.

How can you be careful at your anger? you can’t make it. Now itself you may get anger on past you can’t make it stop but it comes out with another structure (it may be informal). 

So think before you speak. And think before you step. And think before a decision.

But don’t make your emotions to store in your heart it is injuries to health


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