Miracles never happen

Do you believe that miracles happen every day??

Are you waiting for a miracle to happen in your life??

So I give a suggestion that don’t wait for a happening and particularly don’t wait for a miracle to happen because it never comes blindly, untilunless  you give a boosting for your dream. 

Dream gives you happiness but not real happiness. 

Go hard, face hard, think innovative, trust your destiny but not luck.

Boost your thinking on your dream. Touch your saturation point of your feelings so that you can understand yourself. 

Whatever feeling it may be go hard and find hard and reach your happiness.

Don’t blindly say that “Miracles may happen everyday” untilunless you do something about yourself and your dream. 

Follow your heart and destiny but not the quotes you get from the Google. If you get a quote from a Google you may keep it as a status or something else. But you never follow it. Understand the qoute that’s enough but don’t expose your feeling through copied one expose it as genuine one.

It makes you feel good.

I think it may be confused but I think I reached your brain to make you understand.

You may like or not but sharing through our own words makes us feel good.

Feel good

And enjoy the taste of your own feelings….


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