Don’t worry

Does your life is fluctuating with in a short period??

Are you not getting any answers for your thoughts and questions??

You were not supported by anyone??

Do you like being alone?? And your loneliness is disturbed by someone else??

Trying to divert from your pain??

Does your mind not able to choose the choice??

Are you over thinking of your destiny??

Does your thoughts and imaginations not able to reach your art and passion??

Do you think that do you have any psychological disorder??

For all these questions I may not have answer.

But onething I can understand from these questions raised by a confused man.

These situations and thinking’s are not a kind of confusion. But these are the main steps that makes your perfect destination.

Your neighbors may think that you are so confused and not concrete but these are the main steps that’s makes your stamina and patience more perfect. Profession doesn’t make your destination. Only your happiness and willpower makes you confident to face them. 

You may loose many things. These loosings are nothing but a lessons. Sometimes your heart may think of them but at the right time they will be coming back for you.

Don’t worry.

W – waste

O – of

R – rhythm of heart and

R – road of destiny

Y – yielding


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