Trip to Mahabalipuram from Chennai

History of mahabalipuram

On 26th of February 2017 I went to Mahabalipuram from Chennai. It is 53kms from Chennai, I’m very excited to see that place alone and learned so many things. It was unexpected trip on my bike.

Previously Mahabalipuram is called as mallaikadal. And whole story of this place was sculptured on the above picture.

Shore temple

This is the main temple in Mahabalipuram. Which is located near to the beach. The scenary was too good and peaceful.

Lord shiva with parvathi, brahma and vishnu

This is the sculpture of lord Shiva which had taken the picture in shore temple.

Shore temple

Shore temple
Mahabalipuram beach
Mahabalipuram beach
Mahabalipuram beach

Not only the beach and temple so many sculptures I had seen in this place which are made with single stone. It mean each sculpture is made with a single stone that is the amazing in this place.

Elephant in five rathas

Five rathas sculptures are awesome

Sideview of shore temple

Sculpture artist
Lord vishnu
Light house
Handmade microart sculptures
Unfinished sculptures
Unfinished sculptures

Unfinished sculptures

Five rathas

It is a great experience for me to visit this place and I thought of keeping one guide to know the history of these but I didnt get that much time but if anyone visit this place try to have one guide.

And you can enjoy this place if you go with your friends. You can enjoy in the beach and scenery.

And you can meet different people to know more about this place.


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