Hardwork or SMARTWORK

Are you working hard or smart?

It’s not based on the work. If you doesn’t like of doing anything that becomes work. If you like anything that which you love it that becomes good earning and time saving.

Yeah, it’s true but if you choose any work for earning, try to love the work. Otherwise leave it and take sometime to think of yourself and get into it. Otherwise don’t try to go into that field.

If you love it definitely it becomes SMARTWORK, if you doesn’t love definitely it becomes HARDWORK. Hard or soft it should touch your heart and satisfaction. Don’t make your heart habituated for which you don’t like. Because, obviously it becomes addiction for your brain and body. It is more dangerous than smoking and drinking. Smoking kills you but your personality or your name will not fade-out. So many great people in this world smoke and drink but still they are famous in this world.

Don’t think in a negative way which makes you hurt, don’t get into black minded. Try to think that you are a famous person in your field.

It’s true guys you are on the earth. You are famous and intelligent that’s why your soul choosen the earth to live.

Goals never makes you happy. Because you didn’t reach it. Dreams makes you happy if it is not happened also. Designation never makes you happy. But your enjoyment makes you happy.

Trust the truth, touch your heart, listen to your inner, and make your dream real.

ALL THE BEST is the word that makes you to think in positive.  


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