Yeah, i have girlfriends*!*

I have girlfriends!! Named with *****!a. 5 of them named with this. I can’t reveal these names because you all can see my pain. I don’t like this kind of exposure. Everyone came into my life thought me different kind of life styles. 

It’s very hard to leave them. But they left me alone and gave me a different flavours of life. Thank you so much my dear friends. 

You readers may think that this writer is very much fond of girls. No, not at all. I used to share my feelings with them. I can’t explain why I used to share with girls not with boys. It’s upon your opinion whatever it may be. But I know reader has so much of freedom to think whatever they want. So it was left to your opinion. But in my opinion you have the freedom to think only in a positive way.

Ok, ok, cool…. The thing which I wanted to share to your heart that. 

We miss so many people, we miss so many situations, we miss our passion. Whatever it may be if you want to restore your energy just go to the beach which is near to you and sit alone it gives you so many answers. No girl or boy friends gives you happiness. Only your loneliness gives you so many answers but add some spiciness to your lonliness. 

It may be useful or not I don’t know but it has some cause to write…



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