Making you irritate??

Yeah, definitely I’m thinking that I am making you irritate by posting these kind of posts and waiting for your comments.

You may find so many mistakes in my posts. But mistake can’t be fade-out like a mistake atleast you are able to understand the mistake and you may do your corrections in your brain.

Yeah, that’s the human brain. If you like reading something definitely if it has many corrections also you can understand what the author is concluding.

If I irritate you with my posts I’m very sorry. If you are irritated just ignore it. But onething ignorance makes the death of one relation. You may not give me a response but you can kill me by your ignorance.

It’s not kind of real death but you are killing me in your heart. Real death is better than that.

Thank you so much for bearing me.

Ignorance is a poison that kills love, friendship, and all the good feelings


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