Do you smoke! Great**

Smoking is injurious to health

Smoking.. smoking… Smoking….

Yeah, smoking kills you but it gives you relief from all the tensions.

I don’t know why tensions come..

And why they become complicated for all the human.

Im overwhelmed by thinking of this complications, and I’m totally saturated with these complications.

And also I have a doubt that why all the animals don’t have tensions and complications? Why only human has a habit of smoking and drinking with lot of tensions and complications of feelings.

Particularly I want to focus on this feelings. Why God gave us a life!!

Life is for earning??


Or is it for understanding the people??


Or for orgasm??

No not at all

Or is it for love??


Then what is this life??

Exactly I don’t have any answer for this….

But one thing I can share you clearly.

God left us on this world and gave us pure knowledge and freedom. We have to grab them and enjoy. But we humans are taking it more advantage and making the god more foolish..

And I think my god is my mom…

Everyday I say mom I love you and thank you for baring me all these days and I ask her wish that I should become famous and I wanted to be different from this manual of human.

But it comes again to first, why you know we are not able to control our brain.

Listen to heart, take an advantage, and make the people happy around you.. you may be alone all the time, but you should have some kind of innovative innocence that makes the people around you to look at you and learn from you, that’s the life is.

It may not give any clarification for you. But think and comment me back

Smoke like a king of world, smoke like a hero. Smoke like a passionated but don’t make your smoke to laugh at you and say,  you are in my hands. 

A pure heart never needs any clarifications because it’s pure like a pearl in the sea.

Code your life, program your mind and follow your power of heart and passion. But not with smoke which comes from a thin engine.


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