What are your best memories in your life??

If anyone asks you what are the best memories in your life, which answer will you choose?

  1. Schooling
  2. College days
  3. Job
  4. Childhood

I don’t know your answer but surely i can guess 40% will choose college  days and 50% will choose Schooling and another 10% will choose childhood and job.

Good times and crazy friends creats the best memories.

Really does it happens?? 

Yeah it happens but not all the time, because sometimes friends are like passing clouds, they come to you and teach you something and leave you alone.

You know it’s very hard to leave them and forget them I can’t say that they never come back to you.

But the words they use really hurts and it becomes burden to your heart and emotions.

Surly, they can understand your feelings but what happens you know the ego plays main role in their mind and makes you hurt all the time and they even forget the past which they made a golden memory in your heart.

Ok im going emotional sorry!! 

So, I want to conclude that stay with a friend but dont get to much attached.

NOTE: Its not applicable for all. Its applicable for only narrow minded like me.


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