Hurt yourself

Hurt yourself what does it mean??

It’s very complicated and unknown, to understand it’s hypothetical.

Complications never come from external sources, it comes from our inner heart.

Ok ok don’t get diverted just focus on hurting.

Yeah sure you may get hurt by someone with some external or internal sources.

Does external is painful or internal is painful.

Yeah you choosen the correct one internal hurting is most painful.

I have an idea of gaining an protection from this. 

Follow these steps:

  • Close your eyes
  • Think for a while about your passion 
  • Dont be fool by focussing on it constantly
  • Follow your heart and ask your brain for a permission to do it.
  • And now you can see the magic

Are you thinking that the magic becomes true??

No it never happens because magic is a magic but truth is a truth.

Magic makes the people fool by hiding real one and playing with our pity brains.

So the thing you have to build is:

  1. Silence
  2. Don’t make a discussions
  3. Don’t get afraid

You have enough to enjoy the life. No need of any other sources. But we need money for surviving, that’s the another path of human.

The fucking situation is if someone point outs you and makes you fun all the time and make critics on you and even you are silent and helping them they doesn’t bother you.

Then at saturated point you will know what is hurting yourself.



It is a pain. You can gain only pain. Just pain. Think of your mother while giving you birth….. She knows the pain of your birth

But what we people are doing feeling for someone and wasting time on useless things.

Have a picture of your mother and have a faith on your passion, even you no need have any goal. Because with the same goal through out the whole life you can’t be satisfied.

Prepare your heart for facing the mad people who can’t understand the world. They makes you dumb. But you should be strong stay filled all the time.

If you don’t have energy have a beer or alcohol and get chilled you will be more truth enough than before.

Trust me. If not comment me I can answer your questions

I’m more truth enough.




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