You are unlimited

My heart says something to you.

Something but same thing which is in your heart..

Lets go for the same thing, but it can be different…

Difference can make new moments and new memories….

Memories can’t be fade out because memories are like stars when its dark they appear….

Lets together do some thing different from the world, Then we can be an example for the relations..

Relations can’t be rated but when we go on rating it no one can reach our rating ..

Lets be an example to the world, Because a human brain can understand with the brain.

But we both can understand anything by our heart’s…

Come on lets chill out and rock the world with our great example of relation…

Relation can be an example….

But that example should not have any limitations because it doesn’t have any expiry date.

Don’t be limited. Because you are more than unlimited….


stamp unlimited in red



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