Turning and Tuning

The situations change the route of the destiny, the destiny will be the same but the way to reach the destiny will change. You may feel that the way may be the wrong, But God shows us a correct way to reach the destiny.

The human brain cant accept the reality but its true. The situations you face everything decides your time of reaching the destiny.

Some of your friends helps you to reach that, but its better to choose your own way. You may sacrifice many things for your goal. No problem your goal is most important than others.

Yes, its important because it gives more satisfaction and happiness rather than money.
You can earn money, you can enjoy the money when you can use it.

Before using it once go back to the days and open your eyes. A scene that shows your mother, She cares you and helps you, Even if she is in a problem she doesn’t even think of the problem. She sacrifices her happiness and passion for you, She is the most beautiful and caring person for you. No one can give you that happiness and caring.

One thing you have to remember when you earn the money and your pockets are enough with that. Go, Run and make her happy. Even though she doesn’t even ask you for help, Still she loves you and she wants to see you happy. Because she has the love and pain.

Tune your life by taking inspiration from mother then you will be the most satisfied and happiest person in this world.

One day you have to face the sitution, your happiness and truth will die. No one will come back of you. The world stubbens you. That day you have to be happy for your child and family.

Tune and turn your life, you have to adjust with the situation. you may get irritation of yourself. Be patience. Everything will be fine.



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