You know what you are and you know what is your relations.

Relations may be different but the main theme of the relations are different from each.

If your friend or your Love can speak about you in different ways, because they felt about you that.

But don’t get hurt by the words, because you know what kind of priority you gave them in your heart. Because of incidents you may change your opinion on them.

The opinion may be permanent or Tentative. The opinion’s should not be more effective on their thought’s.

The thought may change the priority on you in their heart. But one thing you have to remember, that you are only the one the priority of their thoughts thinking about you.

Still they are thinking and bothering about you, it may be negative or positive.

These segregation’s of negative and positive makes you apart from the crowd and makes you alone. But if you stay alone you can speak to your heart and decide the life.

Don’t try to make your heart to think of all the situations, because whatever happens it is because of you. You are only the main reason for you bad and good.

What ever it is. Be BOLD and stay Strong for every situations and accept the world whatever it is showing you.

You may learn a lesson from those.

At certain point you may say that “what is this life! bloody shit”. That is the saturation of your over thinking let it happen.

Taste it, Face it and Get the moral of your own story.

Then you may think of your self: ‘I am a HERO of my life’

Yes, you are HERO.



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