Inspired by time

Your thoughts judge your character.

But thoughts never become a last one to judge a character.

Character will expose depends on situation.

Thinking positive is very good But not all the time. Time decides everything.

But few people say that “think positive” , it’s true but the situations made you to think in negative. Clarify them with a nice examples which you have faced.

Making someone happy is very difficult than making someone hurt.

Feel shy while you are inspiring with an eminent persons.

Why can’t you be inspiration to someone!

None of you guys think like this. Because just you are following talks, you are following the things which you see.

But why can’t you follow your heart and your experiences?

Your heart is an answer for every question raised from your brain.

Don’t be challenging to everyone.

When you can give an answer to your brain with your heart. That day your life get satisfied and saturated with this world.

That day world comes to you, world runs for you.

Be great. Take an inspiration from your life and situations.

Good luck



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